Being Proactive: Focus Series 2012: 30 Ways to a Better Focus

2 Jan

Tasks, lists, post-it notes… the “list” goes on and on.  No pun intended.  Most people use checklists in order to tackle day to day tasks.  I find  that lists are only helpful depending on how you use them.  Anyone can say, “I have this and that to do and I have a completely full schedule,” but if your list is just sitting on your desk collecting dust; there really isn’t any point.  Now is there?

#1:  Post your list of daily goals in a place that you visit commonly and also be sure that it’s at eye level.  For example, having a list above your computer screen or on the wall next to your bed.  When you wake up, you’ll see the tasks that need to be knocked out for that day.  It also gives the feeling of not really having “a lot of work” to do, which means, it gets done faster.  It’s all about perception.  Be creative and come up with different names for your lists.  It would feel more fun if you were doing work from your “Everything Out the Way, Time for a Lazy Day” list than “Monday’s To-Do” list.  It makes a huge difference.  Having a visual aid as a constant reminder will most likely motivate you and increase your drive; or that of your employees/co-workers.

With that in mind, let’s end with some introspective action.  Think about all of the goals that you set in 2011.  How many did you get accomplished?  What did you allow to distract you from accomplishing them?  Now what are some changes that can be made to get better results than yesterday?  Put the pieces together.


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