The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Pixel Office:

30 Dec


  •  We eliminate the necessity of shifting your attention or exerting all of your energy to tasks better done by what I like to call a “Professional Team Player.” This is someone who’s main goal and focus is to get assignments done.  Our time is devoted to our clients.
  •  There is no need for any micromanagement.
  •  You only have to pay for time that’s actually being worked.  There’s no paying for a Chatty Kathy or Sneaky Slacker to just sit around and not work.  Hire the right people and the job will always get done.
  • We are independent contractors; which mean you are not required to pay any employee benefits or taxes.
  •   We provide both creative and administrative professional services.
  •  You are free to delegate tasks while still controlling costs.
  •  You are not required to pay for work PLUS any fees, as you would with a temp agency.
  • We provide flexibility and work around your schedule.
  • The Bottom Line: Locally outsourcing your company’s workload to Pixel Office will save you time and money.




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