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Tech Savvy on a Budget: Part 2

30 Dec

Tech Savvy on a Budget: Part 2

When you’re being efficient and productivity is up, chances are your bottom line is pleasing.  It’s a given that all these things tie together in order to help you succeed in your business.  The road to financial freedom is littered with hidden expenses and unforeseen dead-ends that usually lead to money lost or worse, quitting the race before the gun goes off.  That’s why the words “free” and “low cost” always bring a tear to my eye.  Last month, we looked at how to save money when upgrading or switching operating systems.  So, for the 2nd part of our Tech Savvy post, we’ll focus on programs that will put you back into the race by covering resources that will help you save both your money and your time.

When it comes to managing your time, you should have a calendar that is user friendly, easy to incorporate into your website, and that is simple enough to put into your daily routine.  A helpful tool that can help increase productivity is SnapAppointments.  The basic is free of cost to you.  With the minimum plan you can receive reminders via text and email.  Choose to upgrade to the premium service and you’ll enjoy features such as, client uploads, reporting tools, and more.

If you just want to have something that will help manage your time Google Calendar is another option.  All you need to do to begin using Google Calendar is create a Google account and you’re all set.  The perks of using the Google Calendar are that you have the options to sync your Google calendar to your phone and even to your calendar in Microsoft Outlook.   And just like the Microsoft Outlook Calendar, you can get updates of your team members’ appointments and meetings.  Google also offers a free trial for their business app, Google Calendar for Business.  The functions of the app allow you to do things such as, “share project calendars, add events and edit their details using your mobile phone, and overlay multiple calendars so that you can easily see the availability of others.”  It also includes, Google Cloud Connect, Google Docs, Google Sites, Google Videos, and other Google applications.

There are even cost efficient resources for technology startups.   Microsoft BizSpark can be a powerful tool for you if you fall into this category.  This is a program that not only helps tech startups, but also gives many high priced products for free (there’s that word again). However, you do need to meet the requirements in order to be eligible for this sponsor-based program.   After going thru the qualification phase, you are greeted with many free products to choose from, such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Expression Blend, and various other programs.  Expression Blend is a great program that allows you and your team to visually layout, design, and even animate your future idea.  This helps you to get a real sense of how your idea works in real world scenarios, without any actual work being done.  BizSpark is a great find for any tech startup that’s really trying to make it and once a part of Microsoft’s global program, you “gain access to Microsoft software development tools and visibility in front of an audience of potential investors, mentors, customers, partners and journalists.” (BizSpark)   This program is great because it gives software startups access to all of Microsoft’s developmental tools.  What better way than to partner up than to do so with a technology giant?

Not an established business yet, but have a great idea?  You’re in luck.  If you’re a student, still in college or high school and have a great idea but no money, Microsoft also offers up another avenue for getting your product or services out there.  This is where Dream Spark comes in.  It is another Microsoft program that gives out several programs, for free, to all students who are able to be verified.  You literally get a plethora of software.   DreamSpark provides professional-level developer and design tools to students and educators around the world at no charge.  Also, check out WebsiteSpark by Microsoft.  It “gives Web designers and developers a jump-start by providing the tools and resources needed to build great websites, free of cost.”  Taking advantage of these low cost to free resources can improve your efficiency.

For established businesses and even those that are in the beginning phases, cutting costs is always an important factor in running your business successfully.  Outsourcing your workload, projects, and anything else that you need taken care of can help increase your bottom line.  By hiring a knowledgeable virtual assistant from Pixel Office, you cut the need to pay for benefits, time and a half for overtime, and even something as small as office supplies.  We offer a wide range of services and 24/7 year round availability.  That gets rid of the need to have to schedule employees on any holidays and we will be there to help you when you need to make any deadlines, even if it’s in the middle of the night.  The rate for Pixel Office is much lower than that of other virtual assistant services.  Therefore, we are the most cost efficient choice for your business.  We also, give a 20% discount to non-profit organizations.  So let us do your work for you… we’re even the virtual assistant’s, assistant.  Read more

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The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant from Pixel Office:

30 Dec


  •  We eliminate the necessity of shifting your attention or exerting all of your energy to tasks better done by what I like to call a “Professional Team Player.” This is someone who’s main goal and focus is to get assignments done.  Our time is devoted to our clients.
  •  There is no need for any micromanagement.
  •  You only have to pay for time that’s actually being worked.  There’s no paying for a Chatty Kathy or Sneaky Slacker to just sit around and not work.  Hire the right people and the job will always get done.
  • We are independent contractors; which mean you are not required to pay any employee benefits or taxes.
  •   We provide both creative and administrative professional services.
  •  You are free to delegate tasks while still controlling costs.
  •  You are not required to pay for work PLUS any fees, as you would with a temp agency.
  • We provide flexibility and work around your schedule.
  • The Bottom Line: Locally outsourcing your company’s workload to Pixel Office will save you time and money.



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