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24 Nov


Tech Savvy on a Budget: Part 1

22 Nov

Every business owner needs the right tools for the right job. However, finding those tools can sometimes be difficult.  With the constant demand to update your software it can be easy to fall behind.  Despite what you may believe, staying up to date really isn’t a hard thing to do.  Whether you’re at the beginning phase of your business or having to keep a tight budget due to the economy, there are a number of ways to gain helpful tools and software without hurting your wallet.  With a little online research, you can easily get them at your fingertips.  For the money conscientious entrepreneur or the already operating business you don’t necessarily need to rely on Windows or Mac OS for your business needs.

A worthwhile alternative is Ubuntu.  It is a free OS that works just as well as their fellow competitors.  Just like Apple with its iCloud service, Unbuntu has its own service called UbuntOne.  It’s free web space for all of your files that are easily synced between your UnbuntOne account and your computer.  It also comes with its own productivity suite called OpenOffice, which is also free to download even with a Windows operating system.  More so during installation you have the ability to dual boot Ubuntu alongside Windows or Mac.  This means that if you prefer Windows or Mac over Ubuntu, you can easily switch between either one and as an added bonus Ubuntu will pull/sync all files from the other operating system.

Dual booting with Windows is also an option for another free alternative called Joli OS.  Just as stable and often times faster than Windows, users are able to manage everything from their desktop and can access their various online accounts from their computer via cloud platform, Jolicloud.  It allows users to connect to all of their online files, media, and etc.  This includes apps and social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.  Also JoliCloud is accessible from any computer and it’s compatible with many devices.  Just check the Joli OS site to see if your device is listed.

A third alternative to Ubuntu and Joli OS is Fedora OS.  This operating system runs off of Linux, which is just as secure as Mac OS, meaning no worries about viruses or malware.  It comes with a complete Office Suite called LibreOffice and a very capable email program called Evolution.  Fedora is extremely reliable and a great replacement when considering the premium you pay for Windows or Mac.  Also the great thing about all of the free alternatives is that they have the ability to give new life to old laptop or desktop computers, meaning more money in your pocket for running your business.  On top of that, all of these alternatives have a very low learning curve, meaning that you don’t have to waste precious time relearning a new system.  Overall, your money is important and the more you have for your business the better.  I hope these different, but more than capable alternatives, help you to grow and be successful.

Around the Web: Search Engine Optimization

11 Nov

So you’re trying to get your site noticed but you see that no one is coming by.  Maybe you’ve been on Google a few times but instead of seeing your site, you’re seeing everybody else’s.  Well the problem might not be your website, but the keywords you’re using to describe it.  This is where SEO, Search Engine Optimization, comes in handy.

Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. crawl through webpages looking for specific keywords that you’ve put into your code.  When website designers code a website they’ll use Meta tags.  These tags are filled with special keywords that not only describe your site but also have proven hits on the top search sites.

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